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Palacký University


The long-term focus of the science and research at the Faculty of Law emphasises the following aspects of research:

Globalization of law and its impact on Czech law

The research plan aims at achieving a scientific description and classification of the phenomena linked with the globalisation of Law, an explanation of its presence in Czech law and a prediction of its further appearance. Simultaneously, research into the globalisation of Law is intended to understand these acts and to give an option to change their development in the Czech Republic on the basis of the final de lege ferenda scientific drafts. The research is coordinated by leading professors of the Faculty of Law, Palacký University, Olomouc.


Current problems of Czech law in modern society

Scientific projects funded by the European Union, the Jean Monnet Programme, the Visegrad Research Fund, the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, departmental ministries of the Czech Republic, the Hannah Arendt Science Foundation and the internal PU Grant Agency are working to compile component projects focused on current problems of Czech law in modern society, implementation of EU law into the Czech law system, and problems of public international law. The Faculty of Law is one of the most important Czech law faculties, where the new Civil Code is not only taught but also researched with the aim to find out its impact on Czech society and other branches of the law.


Current issues of Czech public administration modernisation

This research is focused on methods of modernisation used in the process of globalisation and European integration in the framework of public policy and administration. Its goal is an analysis of Czech administrative procedural law and its comparison with similar legal regulations from other EU member states.


Czech national interests and procedural decision making in the European Union

This research is focused on the question of asserting Czech interests into individual EU policies, including procedural decision making and subsequent legal proceedings. The aim of the research is to exactly define the national interests of the Czech Republic and other member states in basic EU policies, define common points of national interests for the Czech Republic and other natural partners in the EU and research the mechanism of the assertion of these common interests on the EU level, in the form of ad hoc coalitions or long-term coalition cooperation (e.g., with the Visegrad member countries).


Other scientific and research activities

Academics participate in the research and activities of expert groups outside the faculty. Faculty staff are involved in the activities of the working committees of the Legislative Council of the Czech Government, they are engaged in professional legal activities, they comment on Supreme Court decisions and prepare expert opinions for various international, governmental, regional and other institutions.


The faculty organises on average 4-6 international and national conferences per year, and it supports the participation of its academics at international conferences and workshops in the Czech Republic and abroad. The faculty offers publishing possibilities for academics in the form of its legal journals, International and Comparative Law Review and Acta Iuridica Olomucensia on a regular basis. The coordination of research and publishing activities is provided by its Science and Research Department.



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