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Palacký University

National projects

A list of contemporary significant national academic research projects investigated by academic workers of the Faculty of Law

  • EU Law in Czech Courts: Theory and Practice, GA CR (JUDr. Václav Stehlík, LL.M., Ph.D.)
  • Early Modern Era Moravian Regional Authorities in the Context of the Codification Process in Central Europe, GA CR (Mgr. Jana Janišová, Ph.D.)
  • Reconciling work and family roles of employees caring for children in the Czech Republic: A comparison with selected foreign legal arrangements, GA CR (JUDr. Gabriela Halířová, Ph.D.)
  • Impact of the proposal for the new Civil Code on the applicability of existing case law of the Supreme Court, GA CR (JUDr. Petr Bezouška, Ph.D.)
  • Consumer protection and its problematic aspects, focusing on unreasonable terms in consumer contracts and arbitration clauses, GA CR (JUDr. Blanka Tomančáková, Ph.D., LL.M.) 
  • Legal aspects of sustainability in urban planning in the Czech Republic and in selected EU countries, GA CR (JUDr. Veronika Tomoszková, Ph.D.)
  • Procedural regulation of relationships arising from Family Law, GA CR (JUDr. Renáta Šínová, Ph.D.)
  • Scientific testing of intellectual property rights in the context of globalisation of Law, GA CR (Prof. JUDr. Ivo Telec, CSc.)
  • Modern political parties in Africa, GA Czech Academy of Sciences (doc. PhDr. Vlastimil Fiala, CSc.)
  • The Czech Republic in the EU: The Position and Promotion of National Interests, NPV II.(doc. PhDr. Vlastimil Fiala, CSc.)
  • Modernisation processes of public policy and law in the Czech Republic and the European Union, NPV II. (JUDr. Monika Horáková, Ph.D.)
  • Methods and tools for landscape architecture in area development, Czech Ministry of Culture NAKI (JUDr. Ing. Filip Dienstbier, Ph.D.)


A list of significant national projects investigated in recent years

  • Non-Democratic Regimes of Lusophone and Hispanic Countries, GA CR (doc. PhDr. Vlastimil Fiala, CSc.)
  • Jaromír Sedláček and First Czechoslovak Republic Views on Ownership, GA CR (JUDr. Mgr. Ondřej Horák, Ph.D.)
  • The new form of alternative sanctions and measures in the Czech Republic: A comparison with selected foreign legal arrangements, GA CR (JUDr. Filip Ščerba, Ph.D.)
  • The principle of the national procedural of autonomy in the application of Community Law, GA CR (JUDr. Václav Stehlík, LL.M., Ph.D.)
  • Freedom of Expression, its constitutional guarantees and limitations, GA CR (JUDr. Michal Bartoň, Ph.D.)
  • Creating a will for legal entities using electronic means of communication, GA CR (Mgr. Michal Černý, Ph.D.)
  • Legal arguments in the interpretation of legal regulations and expressions of will, GA CR (JUDr. Filip Mezer, LL.M., Ph.D.)
  • Competitive Employee Negotiations (JUDr. Mgr. Eva Šimečková, Ph.D.)


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