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Palacký University

Law Clinic Centre

Centre for Clinical Legal Education


He, who wants to build high towers, must devote a long time to the foundations… (Mathy)

Give man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. (Chinese proverb)


Among all the Czech law Schools, the Law Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc offers the most complex system of skill-oriented practical education. In order to practice any profession successfully, you need to know not only what to do, but also how and why you should do it. Contrary to rapidly changing legal regulation, skills and values are permanent qualification prerequisites which are needed for practical use of expert knowledge and for orientation in variable, multi-level and pluralistic legal environment.

Importance of skills for competitiveness and professional employment is emphasized on many levels, e. g. Recommendation of European Parliament and the Council no. 2006/962/EC on key competencies for life-long learning and Report of the Task Force on Law Schools and the Legal Profession: Narrowing the Gap, elaborated by the American Bar Association in 1992.

The Centre for Clinical Legal Education covers clinical education at the Faculty of Law since 2006. Currently offers one compulsory and several voluntary courses developing legal skills and values.

The Team of Centre for Clinical Legal Education (“CCLE”)


The Director of CCLE:

JUDr. Maxim Tomoszek, Ph.D.


phone: 585 637 815

office No. 13 (building B PF UP)



Assistant professor, lecturer and supervisor at CCLE:

JUDr. Lucia Madleňáková, Ph.D.


Phone: 585 637 673

Office No. 7 (building B PF UP)



Lecturer and Supervisor at the CCLE

JUDr. Bronislava Wittnerová, MSc.

Office No. 1 (building A PF UP)



Head of the Office of Legal Clinics and Lecturer at CCLE

Mgr. Lucia Valentová

Phone 585 637 616

Office of Students' Law Office (building A PF UP)



Organizational Assistant and Lecturer at CCLE:

Mgr. Veronika Pochylá

Phone 585 637 616

Office of Students' Law Office (building A PF UP)


Secretary of CCLE

Alena Opichalová

Phone 58563 7537

Office No. 65 (building B PF UP)



Courses offered by the CCLE


Compulsory A courses:

Legal Skills Course


Voluntary B courses

Legal Skills Course (English)

Advanced Skills Courses

         Legal Research Seminar

         Professional Ethics

Legal Clinics

         Students' Law Office

         Consumer Law Clinic

         Administrative Law Clinic

         Social Security Law Clinic

         Human Rights Clinic¨

         Students' Human Rights Lab

         Anti-Discrimination Clinic

         Refugee Law Clinic

         Environmental Law Clinic

         Construction Law Clinic

         Clinic of Law and Business

Street Law


Courses offered to the ERASMUS Students


Legal Skills Course

         Summer Semester

         Every week

         Approximately for 15 students

         Teachers: Mgr. Lucia Valentová, JUDr. Maxim Tomoszek, Ph.D.


Legal skills course taught in English aims to implement legal skills development into the curriculum and to prepare students for legal practice, presenting a practical element accompanying substantive law subjects. The education will be aimed at training of communication, presentation and analytical skills, with focus on their legal aspects. The course does not focus only on advocacy skills. It aims to develop skills important for all legal profession and already in legal studies. The course will be based on interactive modern methods of education, active involvement of students, their individual work and exercise of acquired skills.

The students will be assessed according to number of points they obtain for various activities throughout semester. Students will pair to interview and council a client and to prepare a legal advice for his case. 

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