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Palacký University

Study programmes


          The Bachelor’s programme in Law in Public Administration lasts three years full-time and leads to a Bc. degree. The graduates are qualified as specialists for the administration of ministries, state authorities, municipalities, chambers and public colleges/high schools, policy of the Czech Republic, councils etc. Their knowledge is suitable for lower or middle management. The programme is concluded with the successful completion of a bachelor’s thesis and a bachelor’s examination. Accedited and taught in Czech.

          The Bachelor´s programme Judicial Officer. The main aim of the discipline is to prepare students comprehensively for the execution of the office of judicial officer in the Courts or judicial officer of the prosecution. The programme is concluded with the successful completion of a bachelor’s thesis and a bachelor’s examination. Accedited and taught in Czech.

           The Master’s programme in Law, the principal programme of the Faculty, is a five years full-time course ending in a Mgr. degree. It provides qualifications required for practicing law in the area of jurisdiction, advocacy, state and local authorities, in public administration, in national and international business, and in the diplomatic services. Graduates are fully qualified lawyers. Within the ten semesters of study all fields of Czech law are thoroughly studied, together with International Law and the basics of European Union law and that of other non-European communities. The first part of the programme (3 semesters) consists of the history and theory of law, social sciences, philosophy, psychology, political sciences and intensive instruction in two foreign languages. In the second part of the programme, the studies deal with the Czech legal system, internal jurisdiction, state administration, commercial and financial law. Some of the subjects are taught in basic, optional or complementary courses. The programme is concluded with a master’s thesis and a state examination in Civil Law, Commercial Law, Administrative Law and Criminal Law. Accedited and taught in Czech.

            The two-year Master’s programme in European Studies focusing on European Law (a previous degree is required) is divided into four fundamental parts. In the first part the basics of law and legal science are taught as pre-requisites for the two following parts of the European Studies. The second part is highly focused on the legal situation in the European Union (political and economic integration, foreign and security policy of the EU, institutions and authorities of the EU, etc.). Third integral part consists of courses concerning the history of the EU, European political thought, foreign politics and the political system of the Czech Republic. The concluding part of the Studies focuses on European law. Its origin and development is introduced, as well as the subjects of Commercial Law, Environmental Law, European Procedural Law, and so on. The programme is concluded with a master’s thesis and a state examination. Accedited and taught in Czech.

            Postgraduate Programme – Ph.D. studies - Theoretical Legal Science is aimed at creative activities and education of experts and academic workers with scientific approach to solving not only theoretical but also practical problems from the area of private and public laws.

All these degree programmes are taught in Czech. Some specialized courses within the Master’s programme are also offered as Central European Legal Programme in English, French or German. They have been selected as to give international students fundamental knowledge of the political system and the system of law in the Czech Republic. Some issues of international and EC law and general theory of law have also been included.  

Study programmes acredited and taught in English

International and European Law

2 – Years long follow-up Master degree programme, focused on European and International Law.


Europeaand International Law

 3 - Years long post graduate (doctoral) degree programme – as full time study, or up to 5-years long as part time study (distance learning study).


The Faculty of Law is pleased to announce the award of the J. L. Fischer Grant that will provide 5535 Euros per year for the cost of studies to an outstanding student in European and International Law.The deadline for submission of the applications for the grant is the time they are due for the doctoral study programme of the relevant academic year and this is May 31 for 2016. The mandatory requirements for the application for the grant are: (1) a complete CV; (2) one letter of recommendation from a university faculty member; (3) a list of publications (if the applicant has publications at the time of the deadline); (4) a list of academic conferences the applicant has participated in; (5) a summary of additional relevant professional activities; (6) a letter explaining the interest and motivation of the applicant; and (7) the submission of all materials, including any appendices, in Czech or in English.

 Access to further studies

Due to Bilateral agreement of Palacký University, Olomouc with Universität Salzburg Joint degree programme in European studies is offered. Students with excellent knowledge of German language can, after a two-week course of seminars, enroll for one or two semesters to study at the Faculty of Law at the University of Salzburg (Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Universität Salzburg) within the local programme of European Studies. The graduates who use this opportunity and succeed in all courses get a diploma both from the Faculty of Law, Palacký University, Olomouc and the Faculty of Law, University of Salzburg.

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